Comparing Instant Play and Download Casinos

Gamblers have a huge variety of options to choose from when it comes to games, and the way online casinos are accessed and played can differ too. There are instant play and download casinos, and quite some disagreement over which is best.

What is a Download Casino?

Gambling this way involves the installation of software to your device, whether that be mobile, tablet, or laptop/desktop. Casinos like having their own software on your device because you're more likely to continue using them over others. However, it's highly convenient and the graphics have improved drastically over the years. These casinos often have extra bonuses to promote loyalty and keep satisfied gamblers from moving to a competitor.

What is Instant Play?

Instant Play vs Download

Unlike the above option, instant play simply requires no extra software to be downloaded, making it more straightforward. A plus point of instant play is that some casino games are only available in this format, broadening the range of games you can play if you opt for this approach. The absence of additional software keeps things simple, and it may also be faster than the download route (although opinions are divided on this and it might well come down to your particular device setup).


Instant Play vs Download

Although instant play is a more direct approach there can be a problem if your internet connection is somewhat limited. In this circumstance, gambling that way can lead to a substantial mobile bill due to the excessive consumption of data. Whilst gamblers have to accept the risk of losses from wagers, it's a bit rough to have a hefty bill on top of that.

However, the download option has its own set of drawbacks. Installing software is one more chore, and it might be slower than the alternative (as mentioned, there's some debate over this). Perhaps more importantly, the range of games that can be played, whilst broad, is not comprehensive. Whilst most software developers release games that work in either format, not all do, so you might find that a game you want to play isn't available.

Then there's the security angle. Because money's involved and online gambling is a highly competitive business, decent casinos are very wary of getting a bad reputation for security. That said, downloading software can make people a bit anxious about the possibility of getting a virus. It's worth noting that good casinos tend to have robust security, but if you're unsure, do check out the casino's reputation to see what experience others have had with downloads from it.

There are pros and cons to instant play and download casinos, and the method you prefer will be entirely subjective. Both approaches are entirely reasonable ways to gamble online.